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The Institute of Nuclear Techniques (INT) of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The Institute consitutes of two units: the Department of Nuclear Techniques organises the educational tasks of the Institute, whereas the Department of Nuclear Energy operates the Nuclear Training Reactor. However, every member of the academic staff of the Insitute has his/her own tasks as well in the education and training as in the reactor operation.

The Instute of Nuclear Techniques - because of the high value Training Reactor - has been declared as "interuniversary institution". Its main task is to educate the undergraduate, graduate and PhD students of the BME and other Hungarian universities and higher education institutions in the field of nucelar techniques. The Institute of Nuclear Techniques plays an important role in several fields of the education:

  • Leads and organises a specialisation module - the module of Nuclear Techniques - of the 5 years engineering-physics formation. (This type of formation runs out with the introduction of the Bologna system in Hungary) /In Hungarian/
  • Helds lectures and laboratories for the undergraduate students of Physics BSc, who choose the specialisation "Applied Physics" with nuclear orientation /in Hungarian/
  • Leads and organises the "Nuclear Energy" specialisation of the "Energy Engineering BSc" /in Hungarian/
  • Leads and organises the specialisation "Nuclear Techniques" of the Physics MSc program, which is scheduled to start in 2009
  • Leads and organises the specialisation "Medical Physics" of the Physics MSc program, which is scheduled to start in 2010
  • Leads and organises the program of the specisalisation "Nuclear Energy" of the "Energy Engineering MSc" program
  • Organises regularly the postgraduate continuing education program "Reactortechniques" /in Hungarian/
  • Regularly offers research possibilities for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Announces diploma works for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Contributes to the PhD program of the BME with announcing research possibilities for PhD theses in the nuclear field
  • Organises and participates in the international "Eugene Wigner Course for Reactor Physics Experiments" ENEN exchange course (in English)

Students from abroad can also study in the Institute of Nuclear Techniques. Group of graduate students of the Slovak Technical University Bratislava and the Czech Technical University Prague come here regularly and perform laboratory experiments. A few students of the University of Rennes INSA (France) have prepared their diplome work here, and we recieved PhD students form Delft University (The Netherlands) as well. Every year there is a common project work done by a group of students of the Ecole de Mines de Nantes (France) and our Hungarian students. Following the request of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Vienna the staff of the Institute of Nuclear Techniques has organised technical courses of different duration - from 6 weeks to 3 months - for professionals of developing countries about the utilisation of research reactors. We also regularly train individual young professionals with the fellowship of the IAEA.

The educational and research activity of the Institue is centered around the Training Reactor, but it is accompanied by other theoretical fields of the nuclear techniques. An internationally accredited radiochemistry laboratory is working here as well. The Training Reactor can be visited by all students of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, but also by external visitors.


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