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  • Reactor physics and Monte Carlo methods

    Reactor physics and Monte Carlo methods

    The main purpose of the reactor physics investigations is the modelling and analysis of the present research/training and power reactors, as well as Generation IV reactor types. The analyses are performed by widely acknowledged state-of-the-art codes and methods developed at our Institute. Read More
  • Thermal-hydraulics


    Thermal hydraulics investigates the coupled heat and flow dynamics of liquids. BME's NTI TH Group uses numerical, experimental and theoretical tools in its research. Read More
  • Radiochemistry


    In the radiochemistry laboratories located in the building of the Training Reactor, samples originating from the environment as well as ones from nuclear power plants can be analyzed. Alpha and gamma spectrometer detectors are available for that purpose. New theoretical and experimental methods and equipment are integral parts of the R&D activities of the Institute. Read More
  • Equipment development for nuclear power applications

    Equipment development for nuclear power applications

    Upon request fro the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, our experts regularly solve tasks for which it is necessary to develop new methods and devices. In this type of work, the „safety first” type of engineering approach is of outstanding importance. Read More
  • Medical physics

    Medical physics

    The medical physics research of the Institute focuses on the modelling and development of methods used in radiathion therapy and on development of MRI and other medical diagnostics-related techniques Read More
  • Nuclear physics

    Nuclear physics

    In the field of Nuclear Physics, we focus on the description of nuclear decay processes in the presence of low energy and extreme high intensity monochromatic electromagnetic fields (lasers). The recent development of extreme high intensity lasers within the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) programinitiated by the EU provides actuality for the theoretical study of nuclear processes interacting with such high intensity lasers. Read More
  • Fusion research

    Fusion research

    The BME NTI Fusion Plasma Physics Research Group conducts its research activities in close Hungarian and international collaboration. Our work focuses on magnetic confinement fusion devices in the context of ITER and Eurofusion with research areas reaching from theoretical calculations through simulation and data processing all the way to building of plasma diagnostic equipment. Read More
  • Radiation protection

    Radiation protection

    Within the confines of our radiation protection-related researches we quantify dose rate fields of given arrangements by simulations - and in certain cases by measurements as well. Read More
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