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The Institute of Nuclear Techniques is the center of the Hungarian nuclear higher education. The university courses provided by our Institute cover a broad range of nuclear techniques related to nuclear power plants, radiation protection, fusion and medical physics.

PhD Programmes

Please visit the webpage of the Doctoral School of Physical Sciences.

Specialists Programmes

Nuclear Technology Management Specialists/Engineer Specialist

The nuclear technology management programme of BME offers a combination of nuclear technology and management/leadership skills developed in full compliance with the recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Reactor Technology Specialists/Engineer Specialist

This reactor technology postgraduate programme has been regularly announced by the BME over the past five decades and has been completed by nearly all the current leaders of the nuclear sector in Hungary.

Nuclear Power Plant Operation Specialists/Engineer Specialist

A two-semester specialization for engineering students to gain basic knowledge of the technological details of the nuclear power plant, the operation process and the basics of nuclear safety.