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The staff members of the Institute of Nuclear Techniques have different types of qualifications as Independent Technical Experts in the Nuclear Field from the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, such as reactor physics, thermal-hydraulics, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, radiation protection, proliferation resistance and transport of radioactive and nuclear material, namely:


  • NSZ-1: Reactor physics, neutron physics and nuclear fuel behaviour
  • NSZ-2: Termal-hydraulics
  • NSZ-4.2: Mechanics – thermal and hydraulic machines
  • NSZ-10: Chemics, radiochemical and nuclear chemics technology
  • NSZ-11: Radiation protection
  • NSZ-12: Non-proliferation
  • NSZ-14: Transport of nuclear and other radioactive materials

BME NTI is at the disposal of customers in the above specified fields. Contact for technical expert related questions: Szabolcs Czifrus


BME NTI also organizes basic and specialized training courses for smaller or larger groups. For such training courses, the BME Training Reactor is also at the disposal of the participants with its whole instrumentation and along with the educators and researchers having several decades of educational experience.

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