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Visits to the Training Reactor

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

  • When is it possible to visit the Training Reactor?
    In principle visits are possible every working day between 8 h and 15 h. In practice new visits can be done only if it does not interfere with other educational or research activities, or with other visits. Therefore previous registration is required.
  • When should I register for a visit?
    Hungarian citizens can register before the Wednesday of the week preceding the planned visit, the latest. Non-Hungarian citizens should register two weeks in advance.
  • How to register?
    Two simple steps should be followed: First, the exact time of the visit should be negotiated with Dr. Márta Balla lecturer  (Tel:  +36-1-463-1985). Second, the list of the group should be sent to her in due time precised in the previous point. The list should contain the names and the ID/passport numbers of the group members. The list can be sent by email,  by fax (+36-1-463-1954), or by surface mail (Dr. Márta Balla, BME NTI, H-1521 Budapest Hungary).
  • Who is allowed to visit the Training Reactor?
    Every individual above 16, who is not registered in national or international criminality lists.  According to the radiation protection regualtions, pregnant women cannot enter in any premise where there is a RISK of ionising radiation, even if actually there is NO excess radiation above the natural background.  Since the Training Reactor is such a place, we can not allow pregnant women to enter.
  • How many people can be in a group?
    At least 10, at most 20 people. The upper limit is prescribed by the safety authorities.
  • How long is a visit?
    A "traditional" visit is about 1 hour. This is composed of a short lecture and a walk through the interesting premises (control room, laboratories, etc). 
  • Do we have a guide?
    Of course you do, since unguided tours are not allowed. 
  • Is there a possibility to do research work, or experiments in the Training Reactor?
    Of course, there are possibilities for research and experimental work in the Training Reactor, but this can not be called a "visit". Students of several educational programs of the BME (Engineering Physics, Physics BSc and MSc, Energy Engineering BSc and MSc etc.) do perform regular laboratory work here. We accept students also from other Hungarian universities, and from abroad as well. Participants of the Eugene Wigner Training Course are also doing experiments here. Students can do their research work for their diploma work or PhD thesis using the different experimental facilities in the laboratories of the Training Reactor.  We also have many international educational and research contacts and collaborations. Please consult our education and research pages for more information.


Thank you for your attention !