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Plasma Waves and Applications to RF Heating


Course duration: 9-28 November 2016.


Location: room R215, building R, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary


This is an accredited course at BME of 2 ECTS value taught by Professor Miklos Porkolab - Professor at MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center. Webpage of the lecturer. The course is partly funded by FUSENET and Wigner RCP.


Outline of the course. Flyer of the course.


Application is either through the Neptun system for BME students (code: BMETE80AF40) or by e-mail to pokol@reak.bme.hu for external students with information on your current position and previous plasma physics studies. Application deadline is 25th September, but please apply as soon as possible to help the organizers! The course itself is free but we cannot provide any additional funding for your stay. Organizers offer to help in finding cheap accommodation and other organizational issues and EUROfusion member states or at FuseNet member universities can apply here for financial support from FuseNet.


Background reading for non-experts: Francis F. Chen, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, Second Edition, Plenum Press, New York, 1984
or Third Edition, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2016;
Chapters 4 and 7, in both editions;

Course reading: Chapter 6, in Fusion Physics,  Eds. M. Kikuchi, K. Lackner, M.Q. Tran , IAEA, Vienna, 2012:

"Radio frequency Waves, Heating and Current Drive in Magnetically Confined Plasma" by M. Porkolab, P.T. Bonoli, R. I. Pinsker, R. Prater, R. J. Temkin and J. R. Wilson; 



A more advanced book for reference: T. H. Stix, Waves in Plasmas, AIP, 1992 .