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2014.01.27. 06:50

International „Special Award” to a nuclear educational program where the BME NTI is also involved

By: szabados

The „Nuclear Energy International” journal issues awards in 5 categories for the best nuclear education and training programs. Forty (40) applications arrived in 2013, and the international jury attributed a special award to the Eastern European Research Reaction Initiative (EERRI). The participants of this course follow trainings in 6 research reactors of 4 different countries – also in the Training Reactor of the Institute of Nuclear Techniques of the BME.

Many nuclear emerging countries have plans for new NPPs and therefore have a need for the education of future qualified nuclear staff, but most of those countries have no access to research reactors. Therefore, for either nuclear university training or technician training, there is a major problem with access to a

low-power research reactor where such education and training can take place. This was the reason that the EERRI course was established, with the financial and logistical support of the IAEA, in 2008.

Since then six such courses were carried out, with great success and excellent feedback from the participants. The programme continues and booking for two courses in 2014 has already started.

The members of the consortium are the following:

  • Technical University Vienna/Atominstitut Vienna (Austria),

  • TU Prague

  • National Research Institute Rez (Czech Rep.),

  • TU Budapest

  • KFKI Atomic Energy Research Institute (Hungary)

  • Institut Josef Stefan (Slovenia).

It ofers access to TRIGA reactors in Vienna or Ljubljana, the Vrabec & NRI reactor in Prague and the BUTE & KFKI reactor, Budapest. The course starts and ends in Vienna and in between the group is transferred to at least two other countries

depending on reactor availability. Subjects include reactor physics, I&C, reactor safety, core calculation using MCNP Monte Carlo code, radiation protection, emergency planning and public communication.

The jury of the Nuclear Energy International journal awarded the EERRI by a specail award in 2013. This means a great international recognition of the achievements.

The members of the international jury are the following experts:

  • Jacques Regaldo, chairman of World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO)

  • David Whitmore, global engineering and technical director, Atkins

  • Ronald Knief, Snaida National Laboratories TA-V Nuclear Facility coordinator &nuclear criticality safety engineer

  • Ulrik von Estorff, operating agent, European Human Resources Observatory for the Nuclear Energy Sector, EC JRC, Institute for Energy

  • James Varley, group managing editor, Glbal Trade Media