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History of the Istitute of Nuclear Techniques and the Training Reactor

The history of the Institute of Nuclear Techniques of Budapest University of Technology and Economics started in 1971 when the Training Reactor went critical for the first time.

The Institute is part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences (TTK), and is composed of two units: the Department of Nuclear Techniques organises the educational program of the Institute, whereas the main task of the Department of Nuclear Energy is to operate the Nuclear Training Reactor. However, every member of the academic staff of the Insitute has his/her own tasks as well in the education and training as in the reactor operation.


The construction of the Training reactor started in 1966. The history of the Institute started on 9 Jun 1971. with the Inauguration of the Training reactor. After the Inauguration the Institute lived its "Hero Age" and began to educate and train engineers and scientists for nuclear knowlegde. After the initial Hero Age the everyday Work took over.  Famous scientists also visited the Institute in the past decades. Today the Institute is already over its 30th and 35th Anniversary.