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Medical Physics

Medical Physics deals with the human applications of physics, especially regarding diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy. Organized by the Institute of Nuclear Techniques, the BME Faculty of Natural Sciences  has started a Medical Physics course as a specialisation of the Physics MSc in the year 2010.

Present state of the medical physics module curriculum can be found here. You find a link to the specialization Facebook page here (in Hungarian).

You can find further information here:


Contact to the course organizers:

Csilla Pesznyak, David Legrady



2013.01.28: New lab equipment has arrived: Magritek Terranova MRI, Ultrasound demo device, Thorax RT phantom, small animal CT scanner, radiochromic film dosimetry...

2012.09.28: A European Soical Fund granted Laboratory funding is provided to the Medical Physics specialisation equipment needs. The devices are being delivered.  Link in Hungarian

2012.09.12: 11 new students started thier Medical Physics MSc studiesin 

2012.08.01: The first 11 students succesfully graduated 

2011.11.08: Yearly symposium of the Society of Hungarian Medical Physicsists is held at BME on the 12th of November. Link in Hungarian

2011.09.01:In the second year 6 students started their education

2010.08.24:14 students has gained entrance to the Medical Physics specialisation and started their education likewise

2010.01.04: Symposium on the Medical Physics specialisation:  2010.01.28 10h, BME building K, room KA65. The symposium is open for everyone.

2009.11.30 : The Senate of the University has approved the Medical Physics module curriculum

2009.10.09 : The faculty's physics education board has approved the Medical Physics module curriculum

2009.09.30 : The Council of the Faculty has accepted the initiative to present the Medical Physics specialisation to the Senate