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Nuclear Specialisation Courses


List of Courses in the Nuclear Specialisation Module of the Engineering Physics Program

  • Practices in Simulation of Nuclear Power Plants
  • Thermo-hydraulics of Nuclear Reactors
  • Operation of Nuclear Reactors
  • Diploma work
  • Plasmaphysics for Fusion 1
  • Plasmaphysics for Fusion 2
  • Plasmaphysics for Fusion Laboratory
  • Information Physics
  • Data Evaluation Techniques I.
  • Data Evaluation Techniques II.
  • Diagnostics of Technical Systems
  • Neutron and Gamma-Transport
  • Introduction in the Neutron Transport Theory
  • NT Special Laboratory I.
  • NT Special Laboratory II.
  • NT Special Laboratory III.
  • NT Seminar I.
  • NT Seminar II.
  • NT Seminar III.
  • NT Seminar IV.
  • Nuclear Measuring Techniques
  • Nuclear Measuring Techniques Laboratory
  • Radioactive Wastes
  • Radioanalytics
  • Reactor Physics I.
  • Numerical Methods in Reactor Physics
  • Control and Instrumentation of Nuclear Reactors
  • Introduction to the Reactor Technology
  • Radiation Protection II.
  • Summer training (NT. modul)
  • Pollution Transport in the Environment
  • Simulation Techniques


1) This list contains only courses taught by the Institute of Nuclear Techniques within the framework of the Engineering Physics program of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. These courses represent only a part of the total program.  

2) This program runs out because of the transformation of the educational system according to the Bologna Agreement.  No new enrollment is possible to this program. Those who have been enrolled earlier, can terminate their studies.

3) These courses were taught in Hungarian. Therefore only Hungarian descriptions are available on our Hungarian web-pages.